With the weather in the process of warming up, our nights getting longer and the sun showing itself again, many people will now be thinking of working on their homes to get them ready for spring. Spring is often a time of regrowth, and it’s a perfect time to carry out small renovations on your home to change your immediate environment and improve your surroundings. In this blog post, we’ll look at 10 easy ways to give your home a spring renovation – for very little time commitment and even less money. Many of these simple ideas would even be perfect for a new london home renovation or extension, to make sure you keep it looking perfect at all times.

Organise cupboards and wardrobes

It’s easy to leave things lying around over the winter – but as you’ll be spending more time redecorating or renovating around the home in spring take this opportunity to clear out unwanted items from hidden cupboards and wardrobes. Even if it’s behind closed doors, it’ll make a huge difference to the sense of space within your home.

london home renovation - spring cleaning

Add outdoor space


It’s quite easy to add outdoor space to your property – even a renovated patio or decking area can make a huge difference to your home when the weather improves. It provides a great space for entertaining or hosting, and can be a perfect place to spend down time in the sun.


Clean painted walls

Especially in areas of activity such as the kitchen, painted walls fade over time or become easily stained. It doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t take much time, to clean these walls off with a clean cloth, a sponge and water. A little dishwashing liquid can also help and bring back the sparkle to your walls. A very easy part of spring renovation that makes all the difference

Reorganise bookshelves

london home renovation spring clean

With lots of use bookshelves become mangled and disorganised over time. As part of a spring renovation, it’s a great idea to reorganise these shelves – sorting books by colour, size or author. It’ll completely reinvent a space and the look of your living areas.

Wooden floors

Wooden floors get quite a battering – especially over winter when they get wet, muddy and stained with footwear from outside. This spring, take the opportunity to clean and look after your wooden floors – damp mop the floor, consider varnishing and even revise the position of furniture to avoid marks or stains from developing.


Change the mood

change the mood

It doesn’t take much to change the mood of a space, and it can be a nice idea to do this each season to improve the look and feel of a room in your home. Add lamps, cushions, new ornaments or shelves, and decorate to your liking. Sometimes it can be as little as moving the furniture around – but it can make a space feel completely different.

Doors and windows

Spring and summer is a great time to get things like windows sorted – ready for next winter. Use the good weather to spend some time looking after some of the more ‘heavy-duty’ construction work around the home – including if necessary insulation and draught proofing by installing new doors and windows.


Give something old a new look

give something old a new look

Bedside tables, drawers, cupboards – all pieces of old furniture can be spruced up to be given a new lease of life in the spring. It’ll improve the look and feel of your space, but also care for your furniture well and, in the long run, give it more longevity and value.

Flowers in the home

flowers in the home - london home renovation

As spring is the season of rebirth, and many plants and flowers emerge again after the long winter hibernation, think of adding more flowers around your property in each room. Pick them from the garden or the countryside around you – it’ll freshen up and add an element of colour to your home.

Change curtains or blinds

One of the problems of thick curtains is that they soak up all the dirt and odours around the home. They can also become out of fashion quickly, and it is amazing how much a new set of curtains or blinds can change the feel of a space. In spring, consider adding lighter curtains or thinner blinds to let more of the sunshine through!

If you’ve been inspired to take up some spring cleaning with these tips then let us know! Alternatively, if you need help with anything regarding a home extension or renovation in London, contact us today to see how we can help

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