Extending your property – whether at home or amongst business premises, can change the look and feel of a space. It gives you the opportunity to expand and redecorate, and will add an immeasurable amount of value to a property. At London Home Renovation, we see and look after a wide range of home extensions of all kinds, and they all add a great amount of value to a property.

There are many ways of extending your property, and in this blog post we’ll be looking at 8 of the most incredible extensions from around the world – whether fantastic pieces of engineering or inventive designs, there will hopefully be some inspiration amongst what others have done.

Glass Fronted


Even smaller houses can benefit from adding light. Glass is a great way of doing this without anything artificial – building even the smallest extension and adding a big glass window may be an investment you never regret – it adds a modern touch as well as a great deal of light and feeling of space.

On two levels


This house in London has in part circumvented the issue of space in modern cities by building down. It has become increasingly popular, especially in crowded cities like London, to build down rather than up or across. It saves space, and gives a certain element of privacy not found by building up. This house has extended by building a basement – something many people are now doing.

Think Small


You don’t have to always think big when it comes to extending your property spaces. In the garden, it’s popular for many people to build a shed, office or summer house – why not think of this as an extension of your home and not only make it a cosy, comfortable space, but add a second upstairs room for a different style or activity.

Open it up


This style of extension has become widespread in hotter places like Australia, but there is definitely some inspiration for summer living to be had for here in the UK. A single-floor extension such as this can add a great living area, but if you can open the front facia completely towards the garden, you get a brilliant area for entertaining and spending quality time with family and friends.

Modern Eco Living


It is amazing what can be achieved today, both in terms of home design and engineering. Modern design solutions have become popular around the world – and it makes sense to twin this with looking to the future – eco-friendly, sustainability and green credentials are now more important than ever. This two storey eco friendly home is both striking and forward-thinking.

Old vs. New


Something that is inherently modern and forward thinking, however, may not always have to be used in isolation. Sometimes, the best results with home extensions can be found by twinning the old with the new, such as this example. Many people are now less afraid of adding modern elements of design to their period properties, and in a fair few cases this approach works.

Two floors


If you’re building an annex or extension to your home, you’re likely to have a lot of dead space above it. It can also be an eyesore for the people above – but you can get round the issue by installing a balcony or roof-terrace area on top of the extension. It adds a huge sense of space, and means you can look over your garden at all times without being disturbed by the people below.

Think wood


With the popularity of sites such as cabinporn.com, building with wood has today become a very popular way of adding extensions with a rustic look. We all expect home extensions to look relatively similar, but why not try something different and completely add a new element to the look and feel of your house? This small office extension looks like the perfect place to work cosily, comfortably and undisturbed by the rest of your family or housemates.

If you’re thinking of a London home renovation or extension, we have many years experience making sure we know what’s right for you and the area of London you’re based. Please feel free to browse our renovation and extension site, looking at our processes and our work we’ve completed on other projects.


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